Have you thought through the entire process of getting a new roof or roof repair? Read these 10 tips that will help you prepare!



Make room for work vehicles

It’s important to relocate your vehicles in order to make it easier for your roofing company. They will need quick access to their tools and trucks. They will also need easy access when getting rid of shingles and debris. Not only is this helpful to the workers, but it will reduce the risk of your vehicles getting damaged as well.

Make sure your roof is accessible

If possible make sure any overreaching tree limbs are clipped before the process starts. It is always a good idea to keep tree limbs away from your roof. A storm can cause a tree limb to break and penetrate the newly installed shingles.

Antennas or satellite dishes

While your roofing company can remove and then reinstall your satellite, they can’t guarantee there won’t be any issues with it afterward. We recommend contacting your cable or satellite provider to make arrangements for them to adjust your dish.

Locate power outlets

Installing a new roof requires the help of electric tools and machinery. To prepare for your roofing team, you can help by locating the most accessible sources of power ahead of time, so that they don’t have to waste time looking themselves.

Move outdoor furniture and grills away from the work zone

If you want to keep your outdoor furniture, grills, and lawn ornaments unharmed and in mint condition, it’s best to relocate these to a safe location away from the construction zone. This way, you’ll avoid any falling debris or heavy items falling onto them or breaking them.

Protect items stored in your attic

While your roofing company works to replace the roof, the hammering and footsteps will likely cause dust and dirt to break loose in your attic. If you store valuable items here, it would be beneficial to cover up this storage with a sheet, tarp, or blanket to avoid further cleaning once your roof is completed. This is also true for the area under skylights that are being replaced. Your roofing company does not come into your house to clean.

Take down wall decorations in your home

In addition to prepping your attic, you may also want to temporarily remove anything hanging on your walls. The vibrations from the roof work may travel down your walls and cause pictures and ornaments to fall off of their respective hooks. Light fixtures, chandeliers, pictures, knick-knacks, may all be things to consider removing.

Keep pets and children in mind

Loud banging and chatter can often be disruptive to your daily routine. Children and pets may be agitated by the noises and unfamiliar people around the house. In addition to this, make sure you either tell young kids directly that certain areas of the house or yard are off-limits for a few days. If you feel stressed about the situation, you may be more comfortable visiting family or friends while your roof is replaced.

Talk to your neighbors

It’s always polite to fill your neighbors in on your timeline for your roofing project. Not only can this disturb the people in your home, but also the folks around it! When your neighbors have an idea about the timeline of the process, they can also adjust their schedules accordingly, if need be. They will thank you in the end for letting them know.

Be careful

Throughout the process of replacing your roof, it’s always important to be wary of your surroundings. Loose nails, equipment, power cords, and other hazards could be anywhere. Stay extra alert during this time to prevent avoidable injuries.

At the end of the day, it may seem like there are a lot of factors you didn’t consider before having a new roof installed. We are here to ensure you that any inconveniences are temporary, and soon you’ll have a brand-new roof that will be worth it! Contact us today to being your journey to roofing excellence!

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